Frequentely Asked Questions


Traveler: How many days in advance should I book my photo tour?
BeaPhotoStories: I suggest booking at least 10 days  in advance. I will try my best to accommodate any last minute bookings, but to ensure you get your preferred time, date I recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance.

Traveler: How many people can be part of my photo tour?
BeaPhotoStories: With the exception of “Solo travelers”– all of my packages are time-based, so the number of people in your party is up to you! Couples and groups can choose whichever package best fits their needs based on the amount of time they require for their photo tour.

Traveler: Will BeaPhotoStories  ask for permission to share my photos on your website and/or social media?
BeaPhotoStories: I respect your privacy and will never share your photos on our blog or social media without your permission! If you prefer to keep your photos private, that’s totally fine – just let me know in advance when you fill out the booking form or send me an email. But as a bonus, if you leave me a review and let me share your story on the social connette with BeaPhotoStories.

Traveler: Can I reschedule my photo tour?
BeaPhotoStories:  If you need to reschedule your photo tour, please notify via email, phone +39-348-8523615, or text with at least 3 days notice.

My rescheduling policy is as follows:
• At least 3 days in advance, you will not be charged a rescheduling fee.
• After 3 days or within hours of your photo tour, you will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee.
• Cancelations during holiday season must be done a week in advance from the shoot date.

Traveler: Can I  cancel my photo tour?
BeaPhotoStories: If you need to cancel your photo tour, please notify BeaPhotoStories via email, phone, or text with at least 3 days notice.

BeaPhotoStories refund policy is as follows:
• At least 3 days in advance, you will receive a 90% refund.
• After 3 days or within hours of your photo tour, no refund will be issued (unless in case of emergency).
• Cancelations during holiday season must be done a week in advance from the shoot date.

Traveler: What happens if I don’t make it to my photo tour?
BeaPhotoStories: No refund will be issued for no-shows (with the exception of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances).

Traveler: I’m running late! How will this affect my photo tour?
BeaPhotoStories: If you’re running late (hey, it happens!), call or text your photographer as soon as possible. BeaPhotoStories may be able to wait for you, but in cases where BeaPhotoStories have another photo tour scheduled, I may not be able to stay longer. Stay in contact with me so we are both on the same page. We recommend arriving early to avoid traffic or any other unforeseen circumstances ☺.

• If you arrive to your session late, any time that has passed will be forfeited and you may shoot for the remaining amount of time.
• If you wish to extend your photo tour beyond the original scheduled time, any additional time will be charged. Rates for additional time start at Euro 100/hour.

Traveler: What happens if it’s raining on the day of my photo tour?
BeaPhotoStories: The great thing about our photo tours, is that I’m weather proof. With the exception of high water in Venice you may want to have rain boots. (In Venice especially we are used but we are well equipped too) so please in you come in winter its really common to have high water – bring them over;-) Gondola or any other water service they may stop for inclemente weather. If so, please keep in mind we still continue our photo shooting with NO Gondola.

Traveler: We are having an amazing time! Can we extend our photo tour session?
BeaPhotoStories:  Of course! As long as I’m  available, you can easily pay for the extra time through the site.
Rates for additional time start at Euro100/hour.

Traveler: When will I receive my photos?
BeaPhotoStories: We will send you a link with your personalized private gallery within 24-48 hours EST (approximately) after your shoot.

Traveler: Do I own the rights to my photos?
BeaPhotoStories: You have the right to use the photos for personal use. While you can share them with the world, post them, print them and hang them on your wall, you may not alter or re-sell them. I still retain the copyright of the photos.

Traveler: Will I receive all of JPEG or RAW files?
BeaPhotoStories: You will receive JPEG photos via wetransfer by giving me your email address.

Traveler: How will the photos be delivered?
BeaPhotoStories:  I will send you the photos via email.

Traveler: In what format are the photos delivered?
BeaPhotoStories: Your high-resolution photos will be delivered in .jpg format.

Traveler: Can I buy additional photos or prints?
BeaPhotoStories: Usually I send all the best photos via we transfer. In case you stay in Italy for more than a week we can plan the printing accordingly and for an extra price.

Traveler: Do you provide wedding or event photography services?
BeaPhotoStories : Yes, engagement, Symbolic Weddings, Vows Renewals, Honeymoon. In Venice, Verona, Lake Garda Valpolicella, Vicenza. Italy, Europe. The prices listed on the packages are just for the Veneto Area. For other locazione please send me your details and I will make sure I can offer you different options. Including a Videographer, Digital and Printing Album and other services related to the planning.

Traveler: Do you provide wedding planning service?
BeaPhotoStories : Nop. I have contacts with different local wedding planners. I can reccomend the best based on location requested.

Traveler: Where do we meet?
BeaPhotoStories: You can choose the location for example, your hotel lobby or directly at the place of our shoot. If you are not familiar with the area, ask me  to suggest the best place to meet!
Of course we can also meet at my Studio Zattere, located in Fondamenta Zattere, 1485A between Ristorante Riviera and Il Mercante di Venezia Antique Shop. Just in front of the Hilton Venice, separated by the Giudecca Canal.

Traveler: Can you help/suggest the best photo tour spots?
BeaPhotoStories: Yes, I can suggest the best places according to your style and what you want to explore.

Traveler: I want to propose to my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner! Can you help me make it happen?
BeaPhotoStories: From selecting the best time and location, BeaPhotoStories will work with you every step of the way so you get priceless shots of this special moment. You can choose to keep it a secret and have your me hide and capture the moment candidly or you can play it up like a fun, casual photo tour and give me a signal when you’re about to pop the question 😉.

Traveler: Once I pay the photo tour, are there any additional fees/charges I need to know about?
BeaPhotoStories:  The traveler is responsible for any admission fees or transportation fees during the photo tour (entry to museum, transportation, everything not metioned in each packages etc.).

Traveler: Can I split my package time in different days?
BeaPhotoStories: All packages are bought as a session, which means you can’t split your time. If you would like us to capture your travel in two different days you would need to purchase two packages, one for each day.